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    Brightly Colour X'Air Falcon to match the Verner Engine
    The first UK example to be fitted with the new 133M


    Trial exhaust system shown, not one currently used

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    X'Air - Shown here with engine painted blue.


    Author's X'Air installation - Shown here with engine painted red.
    New style Exhaust system and Newton 72" x 41" Prop


    Throttle cables have been changed since these were taken.


    Nick Geh's Nice Blue Painted Verner


    Same engine now with nicely made air scoops.

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    Rogallo Trike - Cheq Flexwing fitted with a verner.


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    Zephyr - Low wing Cheq aircraft showing neat fully cowled engine.


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    Unknown - Hungarian Trike spotted at the World Microlight Champs '03


    Other installations can be found on the Verner web site

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