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The Xair Hawk comes as a complete kit in the UK/Eire
with Jabiru Engine, Propellor, Instrument Pack etc.

A full list of what is included can be found here

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hawk white2
The New Hawk primary Colour is White Mylar.

The standard colour scheme is a Two colour combination. e.g. white/red. The first being the primary or main colour, the second being the trim colour.

The Hawk In the picture, is White/Red, i.e. White wings, fuselage & tail, trimmed with Red, on the wing, tailplane & fin leading edges.

Primary colours are also available in Red & Blue, so a Blue aircraft with Red trim can also be ordered as can Single colours (all white, All red etc.) but delivery on these are longer.

Other colours are available in Dacron, but Mylar seems now to be the preferred covering, due to it's perfrormance gains and being easier to keep clean.

Check out the Hawk Gallery for some examples



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Items included in total kit price :notes
Hawk Mylar Airframe Kit & Deliverysee assembly pages for more details
- Main Wheel Spats and Doors included 
Jabiru 2200 Enginewith Exhaust, air scoops etc.
2 Blade Newton Wood Prop 
Spinner for above 
Instrument Pack consisting of : 
- ASI, Altimeter, Compass, Slip Ball, Tacho 
- Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Dual CHT's,other Gauges can be added
Fuel Pipe, Fuel Cock, Filter, fuel pump 
Battery, air filter and all build components 


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