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Hawk at POPHAM 2006
Microlight Trade Fair



Would like to thank www.cliftonburton.org for this picture

This years Microlight Trade Fair at Popham was a huge sucess, with record number of aircraft attending.

Weather on the saturday could not have been better, and at one stage Popham control had to turn aircraft away as it was just too busy and they were running out of parking space !!



Eric from Rand Kar in France brought over a part built Xair Hawk for us to display on the Xair stand.

It was the first aircraft we have seen with the new Mylar skins which looked really good.

We left one of the wings folded and un-covered so people could see the construction and folding method.



On the picture on the left is the Xair stand taken from the front and a Verner powered Xair Falcon seen on the right.

Next to our stand was a Belgium Company ULPower with a new four cylinder fuel injected engine. See picture below.



Engine looks very similar to a jabiru, but had a lot of nice features like the plated barrels and lots of anodising.
The fuel injection has to be the most interesting part, they are claiming 95hp with an installed weight of about 71Kg.

We carried one over and trial fitted it into the Hawk, it will fit no problem with only a minor mod to the cowl, but Eric felt the cowlings for the 912 version would be perfect.




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