popham '99


The Xair's first
Popham Microlight Trade Fair '99

Xair stand
This was the first public viewing of the X-air since its launch at Telford back in December, and most people were anxious to know how things had been progressing, with the new Section 'S' approval. Well we are glad to say at last the flight testing is finished and kits can now be registered and building started, the only thing to stop the permit's being issued now, once the noise test is done, will be the 450kg weight limit, which is still not offical, however we have been told it should be in place for Cranfield.


Xair's at Popham
The weekend was a great success for the X-air, and most people could not believe what great value it was, One Guy said to me, "if it was twice the price it would be still worth it". This time next year we expect to have loads of X-air's flying into Popham, in many different colour's.


eric at popham


Eric taking it easy in the sun!





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