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At close to sea level, under standard temperature & pressure conditions with the aircraft loaded to Max all up weight, Rotax 503/582 engine & two blade DUC prop, Jabiru fitted with newton 2 balde wood. All aircraft fitted with doors, the performance figures are as follows:



503DCDI    582DCDI   Jabiru      
Stall Speed 29 mph  Stall speed 30 mph Stall speed 34 mph 
V.N.E. 95 mph  V.N.E. 95 mph V.N.E. 95 mph 
Cruise Speed 60 mph  Cruise Speed 65 mph Cruise Speed 68 mph 
Climb Speed 40 mph  Climb Speed 40 mph Climb Speed 40 mph 
Rate of Climb 500 ft/min  Rate of Climb 800 ft/min Rate of Climb 800 ft/min 
Glide Ratio 7@40 mph  Glide Ratio 7@40 mph Glide Ratio 7@40 mph 
Fuel Consumption 14 Ltr/hr  Fuel Consumption 16 ltr/hr Fuel Consumption 11 ltr/hr 

Structurally the X-air has been tested, at it's all up weight of 450kg, to 6 Gs positive and 3 Gs negative. This is far beyond the limits, to which the aircraft will be exposed to, even in the worst turbulent conditions.


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