Eire Approval of your Xair or Xair Falcon Aircraft


Approval has now been granted by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for Xair range of Aircraft to be built in Eire and issue with a Irish Permit to Fly.

This approval is granted under the conditions that the aircraft is built to a BCAR Section 'S' standard, and is certification is looked after by the National Microlight Association of Ireland (NMAI).

Construction and inspection procedures follow the guidelines used in the UK by the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA). The Procedure is as follows:

* The owner(s) must be a member of the NMAI A Membership form can be downloaded here

* The first page of Form NMAI AW0016 download here must be filled out and sent to the NMAI with a once off build registration fee for 40.

* Upon completion of all the relevent build stages and aircraft signed off by the NMAI Inspector, a Aircraft Registration form AWSD Form1 download here must be completed and sent to the NMAI with a once off fee of 85, for issue of the Aircrafts EI registration number.

* When the owner recieves the registration Document from the IAA and the relevent Reg lettering is applied to the aircraft, The NMAI Inspector will issue the aircraft with form NMAI AW007 (Fitness of Flight) From that moment the NMAI Check Pilot can Fly the aircraft.

* Once the relevent flight procedures and checks are completed, the NMAI Check pilot will sign form NMAI AW003.  This then along with the relevent forms completed by the inspector, will be forwarded to the NMAI with an annual Permit fee of 180.
This must be done inside a period of 28 days from the Check Flight.

* The IAA will then issue a Permit To Fly for the aircraft
Note As required by the IAA, Aircraft Registration and Permit to Fly Documents must be carried in the aircraft at all times of flight.

Help can be provided by your NMAI Inspector/NMAI/IAA for any problems completion of forms etc.


Some of the EI registered Xairs (yes we love our greens !)

582 powered Xair owned by Sean Scanlon Co. Kerry


Jabiru powered Xair owned by Sean Cahill Co. Longford


Rotax 582 powered Xair built by Shaun McHugh Donegal
Now re engined with a Jabiru 2200


Verner powered Xair built by Nick Geh


Verner powered Xair based in Co. Donegal


Jabiru Powered Xair built by Michael Tolan Mayo


582 version owned by Damien Minnock


Turq/Blue 582 version owned by


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