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New Mylar Covers

A new material is available now for the Xair, Falcon & Hawk.

It is a similar material to what would be commonly known as ultralam, it is made by Dimension Polyant in Germany whom are a well know and large sail material manufacturer.

The material is basically a dacron type fabric with kevlar strands running through it to act as a rip stop barrier.
The outer skin is a smooth Mylar material, this will make it much more hard wearing and very easy to clean, also should add a bit of speed as well, but hav'nt confirmed that yet.
The new Fabric is 180 gm/mē in weight and technically known as profile LL.

A pic of the color swatches is shown below, at present the factory is only offering mylar in White, red, blue & yellow and the normal combinations of that. i.e. White/Red, red/blue, blue/yellow etc.

If dealers wish to have other non std. colours then a minimum of two aircraft must be ordered in that colour e.g. white/red. Check with Rand Kar for further details.
I hope to have some better pictures soon.



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