K & N Air Filters

These reusable airfilters have been produced specifically for Rotax ultralight and homebuilt engines. They have provisions for safety wire and Rotax is embossed on the side cover. They have a high air flow and can be cleaned and reoiled, and reused when dirty.

K & N Cone Filter

This single tapered air filter fits all of the Bing 54 carburetors, used on the
Rotax 277377/447503/532/582/619/912 aircraft engines.

Dual Air Filters

K & N SP 2705
This dual airfilter is designed to fit the Bing 54 carburetor used on the Rotax 503. Its slim design allows for applications where room is a problem. Dual Air Filters

K & N SP 2703
This dual airfilter is designed to fit the Bing 54 carburetor used on the Rotax 532/582/618. Its slim design allows for application where room is a problem.

Cleaning/Servicing K & N Air Filters

Items required:-

K & N Air Filter Cleaner - normally 1 litre bottle.
K & N Air Filter Oil - 200ml aerosol is best.
Shallow Tray

  • Tap the element to dislodge any large embedded dirt, then gently brush it with a soft bristle brush.
  • Clean
  • Add cleaning solution to the shallow tray, 3/4 the depth of the pleats.
  • Roll the filter in the tray, trying to prevent dirty solution run inside the filter.
  • Wait for upto 5 minutes, rinse filter from inside with water from the tap. Do not use high pressure.
  • rinse
  • Shake of excess water & allow to dry naturally, best overnight.
  • Caution:
    Use only K & N air filter cleaner!
    Do Not use petrol, thinners parafinn etc.
    Do Not use detergents.
    Do Not steam clean!
    Do Not use compressed air.
    Do Not use hot air guns for drying.

    The use of any of the above can cause harm to the COTTON filter media,
    plus shrink and harden the rubber end caps.
    Excess heat will shrink the cotton filter media. While compressed air will blow holes in the element.

  • After air filter is completely dry, always re-oil before using. If using K&N aerosol - hold the can 3ins away & spray oil down into each pleat with one pass per pleat. Do Not go "round & around" WAIT 20 minutes for oil to spread. The white gauze should appear red, have no "white spots" and be dripless.

  • Oil spray

  • If using K&N squeeze bottle - squeeze K&N air filter oil down into the bottom and along each pleat - only one pass per pleat. Let oil wick into cotton for 20 minutes. Re-oil any white spots still showing.
  • Caution:

    Never use any oil other than RED K&N AIR FILTER OIL.
    Never use a K&N air filter without oil. (The filter will not stop the dirt without the oil.)
    K&N air filter oil is a compound of mineral and animal oil blended with special polymers to form a very efficient tack barrier. Red dye is added to show just where you have applied the oil. Eventually the red color will fade but the oil will remain and will filter the air.
    Safety Wire


    Service air filter every 6 months or 50 hours, - more frequently in dirty conditions.

    Always tighten the clamp securely. Also safety wire your K&N Filter to the Carburator.

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