Jabiru Service Info


Oil & Filters

Oil Spec
Use streight non detergent Aero Oil 80 or 100 for first 25hrs.
After that use a detergent Aero Oil to suit outside air temp. see list below.
W80 (-17 to 25c), W100 (15 to 35c), W120 (above 35c) or similar Multigrade 15W-50.

In Xair Installation with no oil cooler Capacity is 1.9L, Do not over fill, normal level is half way between min and max on stick on pre Hydrulic valve engines, check the Dip Stick pdf for others. Check oil level with stick fully screwed in.

Filter - Toyota Corolla/Avensis/Camery/Celica 1.8 engine
Halfords HOF230, Daikuan Max Nippon M0-125, Amsoil SDF-10, Hastings LF410 or 413, Purolator L14476 (or PER4476), NAPA 1394, Wix 51394, AC Delco PF1233, Fram PH4967 or TG4967, K&N 1003, Walmart brand Super Tech 4967, Mobil 1 MO2821A, Baldwin B33

Some other compatible filters are slighlty longer e.g. Champion C138 and can be difficult to fit if using the oil cooler adapter.


Spark Plugs
Gap .022-.024ins (.55-.60mm), torque 8ft/lbs (11Nm) or 1/2 turn when in contact with head. 18mm thin wall plug spanner needed.


Fuel System
Avgas 100/130 or Mogas, leaded or Unleaded min 95 Octane Ron
Fuel pressure min 5kpa/0.75psi/0.05bar, Max 20kpa/3psi/0.2bar.
Use of a booster pump is not recomended unless for priming or fitted with a return to tank restrictor system. Low pressure pump must be used.
Excess fuel pressure will cause erratic running and/or stoppage.
Set idle to 900-950rpm when hot.


Tappets must be adjusted to: Inlet & Exhaust 0.254mm (.010")
Adjust the Valve clearances when the engine is cold. Head torqued to 24 ft.lb. when cold.
Carry out this adjustment after five hours of operation and again after ten hours.
At the 25 hour inspection this is done again.

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