Jabiru Installations


falcon jabiru


xair jabiru


xair jabiru
Oil fed carb heat on an Xair, with guard over sump to keep oil warm !


xair jabiru
Example of Plug Cap retaining with a piece of bungee, see also similar example below.


hawk jabiru vent

Jabiru's are prone to blow oil out the vent pipe especially if overfilled, to contain this a two bottle system was found to work best.  Pipe from vent enters one side of bottle on firewall, a further pipe then leaves this on other side to second bottle shown on bottom left.
IMPORTANT First bottle is sealed and contains no vent holes. Second bottle has vent holes around the neck, make sure the pipe is further in than the level of the holes.
Also in the first bottle, cut the ends of the pipes at an angle and not facing each other so the venting air, dos'nt have an easy escape, this should help drop off any surplus oil.


xair jabiru
Engine from behind showing vent pipe fed into K&N filter, Support for the carb added from the keel (spring) and electric carb heat fitted to the left hand side of the carb. Pic taken while airborne!


jabiru carb
Throttle/Choke cable arangement converted to spring closed rather than open.


starter loop
Short length of 16mm˛ starter cable fitted from back of starter to engine block.
This is to give better grounding of starter motor and so help cranking power.


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