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The X-air is a high wing, 2 seat, side by side, conventionally controlled, microlight/ultralight aircraft, with full dual controls, toe brakes, elevator trim & 3 hours flying time, on it's two 27L fuel tanks, which are filled easily at the side of the fuselage. The X-air's layout consists of a high mounted tractor engine set up, tricycle undercarriage, and a maximum all up weight of 450kg.

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The X-air is manufactured in India, and is supplied in kit form, which comes very complete. Only your choice of Engine/Prop & Instruments are required to finish it, ready for flight.

Nearly all of the exposed tubing, comes White Epoxy painted for long life, and it looks good too. Some components come pre-assembled, e.g. Tailplanes & Elevators, and all the required nuts & bolts are in thier relevent place's, to speed up assembly.

The X-air is fitted with full Dual controls, i.e. two sticks, two throttles, so it doesn't matter what seat your in, it feels just the same. Which makes the X-air perfect for an Instructor, to teach his student/new owner, how to fly. The main advantage of being in the left seat is to get the use of the superb independant toe brakes, fitted to the top of the Rudder pedals.

There is plently of sideways room inside, such that the shoulders do not touch. The seating is great and are fitted with headrests. The cockpit floor is solid, so no more watching where you put your feet, like in the older design microlights. Added comfort is gained in the colder days, by fitting the optional door kit, which makes it even enjoyable on the worst of days.
Ground handling is excellent, especially the suspension. Each wheel has its own shock absorbing system, which takes out all of the bumps from the roughest of fields, alot of other microlights would'nt go, where an X-air would go!

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In flight the X-air handles exceptionaly well, with a high degree of maneuverability if needed (3.5sec - 45deg left to right).
The pitch control is nicely balanced, the aerodynamic Trim tab, does away with all the efforts on the stick.

Just set your throttle for cruise, trim for level flight, and on a nice day, you can sit back with your arms folded and admire the view!





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