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The X-air Hawk is the UK/Eire Version of the Xair-H, also reffered to as the Hanuman in other countries.
The Xair Hawk is available as a BCAR Section 'S' Microlight at present and shortly a Group A VLA at 499kg.
The aircraft has been in the design for some years, undergoing various tests and trials,
with the first showing of the prototype at Blois in 2002.

white turq hanu

Joel Koechlin of Raj Hamsa the manufacturing company in India, wanted to build a new aircraft, which kept the features you loved about the original Xair, and add all the things owners said over the years, "it's a pity it did'nt have this".   Things like bigger doors, adjustable seats, folding wings, more speed, overhead visabilty, better comfort etc. This aircraft has them all.

If your an Xair owner and always thought I wish I had "x" on my aircraft, then I bet you will find out that the NEW Xair Hawk has it, and even more !

flap lever


It is only when you look around the aircraft you realise how much thought and clever design was used to produce an aircraft that has taken into account everything Xair owners in the past suggested.

Look at he Flap lever, it has been cleverly sited on the top lefthand side of the cabin, so no more need to change hands on the stick or awkward reaching to put on the flaps like in some aircraft !



Look at the new sylish seats, and see that the seat belts now come through the headrest which means they fit better over the shoulders.   The seats are now also adjustable, along with the huge headroom can incorporate the taller pilots.
Many Pilots have already commented on how comfortable and well supported you feel while in these seats.

The Standard Xair pilots will remember that draft that came between the seats in the colder weather, well now there is a piece of clear faric sewn in place to seal it up, but still allowing you to see the big 80 litre fuel tank.


Dash Pic


A Baggage compartment is located behind the seats and the dashboard has now also been sloped forward & closer to the occupants, so for the shorter guy, reaching switches etc is now easy.
Even a purpose surround for the compass is now incorporated on the top of the dashboard.

The Hawk like the original X-air is fitted with full Dual controls, i.e. two sticks, two throttles.   All the controls are now under the floor so there is a much better & cleaner look.


Door opening


The Doors are now wide so access is easy.

They hinge at the front so they are totally out of the way when opened and allow excellent access even for the stiffer pilot !
With the doors closed you have a very good sideways view as the lexan extends down to a low level.




front view

Forward Visability is superb as the dashboard is not high like other types. In the normal flying attitude the top of the cowl drops away from your vision giving a great forward view. Landing visibility is equally as good even for the shorter pilots.

Overhead visability is also provided with four clear lexan panels in the fiberglass roof section.

With lots of headroom the Xair Hawk is an aircraft designed to suit all pilots of all shapes & sizes, with all needs and styles !


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