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The All New Xair Hawk is a whole new generation of Aircraft.

Joel The Designer took all the things you liked about the original Xair and added all the things you wanted.


What he came up with is an aircraft that has everything !


Superb quality with proper fittings, any of the visable parts are painted white,
not just left a dull aluminium, like the other makes.
A Clear illustrated build manual with colour photographs and pre assembled parts make assembly easy.
A Strong suspension, Short field capability, and super handling are of course as you would expect from an Xair.


Some of the added benifits are listed below.

  • More Speed:
  •    - 90+ mph Cruise
  • Longer Range:
  •    - 60 litre fuel tank now upto 5+hrs flying time
  • More comfort:
  •    - Even better Seats with Cabin Heat
  • Overhead Visability:
  •    - Clear Panels in Roof Section
  • Adjustable Seats:
  •    - Quick Adjusting seats on Sliding Rails
  • Easy Remove/Folding Wings:
  •    - Wings Can be Folded for space saving or Trailering
  • Easy Access:
  •    - Large forward hinged Doors make entry easy
  • Four Stroke Engine:
  •    - 85hp Jabiru 2200 Engine as standard


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