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UK & Ireland Aircraft

Red/Blue Xair

The one that started it all in the UK and Eire, no longer as the photo text suggest as it has moved on to a new owner.


UK Xair
The first UK Registered Xair G-BYCL Red & Yellow, built by the UK Importers, and was used for testing to the new BCAR Section 'S' approval. Fitted with a Rotax 582 & 3 Blade Brolga Prop. Shown here at it's launch, at the Telford Airsports Exhibition December 1998.
UK Xair
The old Wessex LAC UK demonstrator, seen here at Cranfield '99
two red/blue Xairs
The first Xair in Ireland to get it's Test Flight completed.
Built by, William McMinn G-BYMR. Seen here behind the old Xair Ireland Demonstrator,
at a Fly-In, in Rathfriland, Co. Down.
Robins on the move
Transporting your Xair to the Hanger for final assembly.
Completed pic shown below.
Robins Xair
Silver/Yellow Xair, built by, Robin Gillespie & Paul McGirr. Donegal. Eire.
Shown here just completed and awaiting Test Flying.
Deepaks Xair
Blue/Yellow Xair, built by, Deepak Mahajan
Richards Xair
Yellow/Red Xair, built by, Richard Turner, Devon
Jim Pearces Xair
Jim Pearce's now famous Xair. It was stolen a couple of years ago,
seen here, after it was re-built, as it was in a poor condition, when found, in a field in France.
Now owed by Richard ?
Green Red 44XM
One of the new color combinations, owed by Thomas Kinch, Co. Wicklow. Eire
The green is not as bright as the photo suggests
Connies Xair
yellow/Blue 582 powered Xair built by Con Kiernan Granard


coulters Xair
One of the later kits complete with snazy purple seats, built by, Coulter Blackburn, Co.Donegal. Eire.
simonini Xair
Simonini powered Xair spotted at the PFA rally in Kemble
jonnys xair
582 powered Xair owned by Jon Kilpatrick Co. Donegal Eire


Xair and train
No not a fake, a historic steam train society happens to run on the track
behind a microlight flying club in the midlands in the UK


clives Xair
Clive walsh in his Verner powered Xair Cornwall UK


Gerrys Xair
912 powered Xair with a snazy paint job owned by Gerry Doherty Donegal.


my Xair
Barry Chambers Xair fitted with a Verner 133M engine


Nicks Xair
Another Verner Powered Xair bult by Nick Geh, Galway, Eire


Vincents Xair
Probably will be one of the first fuel injected microlights to fly, Vincents Hirth 2706i,
seen here ground running the engine. Flight testing due to take place in may 2006.


Robin/Paul Xair
DFY Air to Air with DGK


micael tolan Xair
Red/Green Jabiru Xair built by Michael Tolan, Co. Mayo

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