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first Hanuman

The Original all Orange Prototype Hanuman (Hawk) many improvements have been made since.


French Hanuman
Another early Bright Green/Red example


Red/blue Hanuman
Nice Dacron example built by George Tamvakis in North Carolina Red/Blue


Yel/Red Hanuman
Another early Dacron example built by John Matthews USA Yellow/Red


gry/yel Hanuman
Grey/Yellow Dacron one seen at Frossay


wh/turq Hanuman
A white/Turq version based at Frossay pictured here at Blois


Br Green/red Hanuman
Latest Rand Kar Demonstrator at Frossay


Br Green/red Hanuman
Same aircraft at Blois '04


red/blue Hawk
The first UK example seen here at it's Launch in Telford Nov '04


roberts Hawk
The first Completed Xair Hawk in Ireland


Hawk Skis
A Red / Yellow one fitted with ski's!


Hawk at Kemble
The NEW UK Demonstrator and first Registered version G-CEEC at PFA Rally this year


Hawk at Popham
The same aircraft at Popham '07 now with new spinner and blue spats.


Hawk at barn
G-CEEC arriving home from Popham '07


pete bishops
Pete Bishops new completed Hawk in Mylar


all white
One of the latest models in all white USA based


Another later model in the USA in White/Red Mylar


Michael Tolan's Blue&Yellow Jabiru powered Hawk


Nick Gehs Hawk in the snow


First 912 Hawk in UK built by Pete Bishop


John McLaughlins nice Blue & Red Jabiru powered Hawk.


Tim Collins in UK latest spec Hawk with fibreglass wing tips and Rotax 912..


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