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Falcon & Train

First 912 Falcon in the UK with local steam train society passing by


first UK Falcon

The same Falcon again 912 engine.


marks Falcon
Mark Corris owned Jabiru Powered Falcon
Verner Falcon
Brightly coloured Verner powered Falcon, seen here at Popham 2003
Verner Falcon2
Same aircraft from the front
Jabiru Falcon2
Nice built Jabiru Powered Falcon
582 Falcon
Another brightly coloured version, this one 582 powered.
french Jab Falcon
Rand Kar's Jabiru powered demonstrator
verner Falcon
Verner powered Falcon UK demonstrator coming in for a landing at Blois '04 !
French Falcon
Two more Falcons seen at Blois '04 !
582 falcon
Xair Falcon with a Rotax 582 & Duc Prop. Built by Peter Sheehy in Hampshire, England
hidden falcon
Verner powered Xair Falcon sneaking out for a flight !
Jabiru falcon
Jabiru Powered Xair Falcon emerging from the under growth !

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