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Xair/Falcon Build Pictures



These are Various pictures of different parts of the build not in any particular order.
Some may be useful to understand where or how a part is fitted.

Please send any Picture you feel will help others to the address on the contacts page



Elevator Bungee attachment at rear, tie knots on the ends
and secure to the elevator tube with a hose clip. Adjust so the elvators just stay where you put them.


brake cables

Brake Cable attachment under floor


vent pipe

Kink free routing of Vent Pipes, with fuel pipe inserted at the bend



Method of lining up throttles before drilling


rudder cable guides

How to fit the rudder cable guides on Xair


pedal extension

Adding a shackle to the rudder cables to extend leg room.



Holding up pod with strap while fitting windscreen



Pitot/Static example



Strobe light mounting on top of fin post. Aluminium insert and tapped for 6 or 8mm bolt.
Held of bolt wirelocked to prevent lossening.  Insert is held in place by top hinge bolt


pulse pump

582 pulse pump fitted on the engine mount


elec pump

Fuel Pump/One way valve location behind pilots seat


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