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These are Various pictures of different parts of the build of the Xair Hawk.
Some may be useful to understand where or how a part is fitted.

Please send any Picture you feel will help others to the address on contacts page



Main suspension bungees, best method found was to first fit safety cables,
fit bungee loops onto each bolt, start at one end and stretch & wrap, stretch & wrap etc
when finished should be 9 strands when you count them in the middle

If doing this when building kit then best method is to turn fuselage cage upside down,
if replacing then you just have to get underneath sitting on the ground
you need wheels pulled in as far as you can, you can ratchet strap them together










Elev Bungee

Fittment of elevator bungee to stop stick falling forward


Elev Bungee




air filter

Air filter and right angled adapter to clear firewall


oil vent pipe

Oil Vent pipe, using two bottles to prevent escape, can also see battery on firewall



Wing assembled ready for covering



Lacing the wing at the root


wing tension

Tensioning system for helping pull wing sail over root rib.
Two lengths of 3x2 timber with car scissor jacks in between.


hinge shim washer

Using a curved penny washer as a shim to correctly align hinges.


fuel pump

Fuel pump/one way valve position under floor


hawk door

Additional tube added to door where lexan joins fibreglass, makes the door look better as the fibreglass is not wavy on the outside and no pop rivets sticking out. We also curved it slightly for more room inside.


bottom catch

We replaced the bungees with catches, bottom catch is made from a piece of 6mm threaded bar 130mm long bent in middle at 90, handle part covered with a piece of black tubing. The catch on the inside is thick walled alloy tube 1/2"dia. 6mm nylocs then clamp against the tube hard to stop rotating.

bottom catch


top catch

Top catch is made from 8mm tube covered with heatshrink


cabin heat

Cabin Heat fitment to one of the silencer output pipes, scat hose then to selector box on firewall,
this is operated by a push-pull cable control (choke type) fitted on the dashboard.
You can also see how close the airfilter adapter is to the firewall in this pic.


oil cooler

Alternative Oil Cooler position, brackets need to be made form stainless for fatique reasons and pipes are protected from heat by wrapping in silver thermo tape.


nose springs

Idea for adding nosewheel centering springs on earlier types


steering links

Later type Nosewheel springing, Steering links and nosewheel springs


plastic tanks

Plastic fuel tanks Origionally fitted to save weight from large 80L tank
Each tank is fitted with a tube sight gauge on the side for fuel level


dash 1

Example of a dash layout


dash 2

Another Example of a dash layout,
both above dash's have been "flocked" ie Electronically applied felt type finish


dash 3

Dash of the latest UK Demonstrator in New dark silver as supplied factory finish.
I find it better to mount the dash on the outside of the Dash top, this allows, with rivnuts and thumbscrews easy removal. Compass mount is then fitted behind dash front.


dash 1

The wing is retained on the fold tube by two safety cables.
The ends of these cables are attached to the tube by two bolts pointing upwards.
We drill the end of the bolt (shown) and fit a wing nut & safety pin for easy removal.



One of the access zips fitted to the wing, other is out at the strut attachments (bay 8),
we get these fitted as standard to all Xair Ireland aircraft.



Rear fuselage Access zip added by builder


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