Items can be bought easily online using If you do not already use this you can sign up to the service and pay by credit card.  Alternativily please email me for other payment methods, and best postal rates if buying multiple items.
Please also email for rates if buying outside of Europe until I get different postal rates included in the items.

Prices are in EURO. (For approx sterling value devide by 1.3)

Registration Letters e.g. G-XAIR

Registration Letter set consisting of One large for wing and two small for tail/fuselage.
Available in special sticky back fabric needed for adhesion on Dacron/Polyester wings/tails.
Normal colour is black, occasionally red & blue are available

Vinyl is used for Mylar/Ultralam/Composite type wings and fuselages.
Large range of colours available in Vinyl.

Wing lettering is 500mm high.
Fuselage/tail depends on aircraft & surface area available, please email with aircraft type or size.

€95.00 Dacron Wings         


€55.00 Vinyl all Colours         


Thermo Heat Protective/Electrical Screening tape

This is a very useful tape, which comes from the Model Jet scene and is used to protect surfaces from the heat of the Jet efflux which can be 300-600degC.

It is excellent for fireproofing oil, petrol pipes and cables.
Also can be used for electrical screening to help cut down interference.

€7.50 for 10M Roll


5mm Bungee Cord

Bungee cord suitable for baggage retainment and Xair elevator bias replacement

€2.25 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)


Rubber Edging

Normally hard to find Black edging used on panels, around pods, doors etc.
Black PVC 9mm wide suitable for 1-3mm panels available off the roll.

€5.00 per 1M length off the roll         


Clear PVC Tube

Clear PVC tube 7/8mm OD 5mm ID suitable for pitot static systems

€0.90 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)


Instrument Gauge fittings

Various different fittings for screwing into flight instruments for connecting to the pitot static system.

Avaialable in streight, elbow and tee. std 1/8"npt thread. suitable for above pipe. Made from thermo plastic

€2.50 each



Sail/fabric Repair Tape

50mm wide dacron fabric repair tape. Self adhesive back.

Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White & Grey. 500mm lengths

€1.75 per 500mm (18")      Max length one piece is 3M



Thermo Strips (Jabiru CHT Monitoring)

Self adhesive Thermo Strips/foils for monitoring maximum tempertures achieved during use.

The segments turn black at each temp range and are irreversible. Different ranges are available from 37c to 280c, version shown is suitable for Jabiru CHT monitoring by sticking to the rocker covers.
Please email for another particular heat range if needed.

SPECIAL OFFER (limited amount at this price)

€12.00 Set of Four         


€18.00 Set of Six         


Fresh Air Vents

Air Vents that can be added to the door or the windscreen.

A must for those hot days, and also needed for safety if fitting cabin heat. Opened and Closed by turning a knob.

Available in two sizes 57mm & 79mm to suit standard instrument size hole saws for easy fitting.
Sold as a pair with fittings & instructions.

€ 24.95



Plastic Nut & Bolt Covers

White or Black plastic covers for 6 or 8mm bolt heads or nuts.
Ideal for protecting threads of bolts sticking out or just for that more finished look.

6mm €3.00 for 20          Colour


8mm €4.00 for 20          Colour


Velcro Hook & Loop

Velcro Hook & loop pair 1m lengths

25mm wide is available in plain and adhesive backed. 50mm wide plain only.

€2.00 25mm plain

€2.00 25mm adhesive

€TBD 50mm plain

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