Electrical System Spares

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Please also email for rates if buying outside of Europe until I get different postal rates included in the items.

Prices are in EURO. (For approx sterling value devide by 1.2)

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Electric Carb Heat Kit

12v powered Carb Heat kit, that bolts onto the Bing carb body and prevents ice from forming.

Comes as a kit of parts with wiring, relay, switch and indicator LED.
For either Jabiru 2200 (single carb) or Rotax 912 (twin carb).

Jabiru      €125.00
Rotax 912 €195.00


Heavy Duty Dash Toggle Switch

Metal Toggle Switch 25A @ 12v SPST

Can be used for vertually all switching applications, fits in a 12mm hole.
Connections are Std. push on spade type or solder directly onto the tabs.

€4.50 each


Stainless Steel Starter Button

Real nice stainless Steel push to make button.
Direct replacement for the Xair starter button and fits in a 16mm hole.

€15.50 each


Illuminated Rocker Switces

Red or Green LED Illuminated Rocker switch
20A @28vdc Rocker Switch with 12v LED.
Fitted in a 30x11mm cut out, Connections std 6mm/1/4" push on spades.

€4.95 each



PTT Buttons (PTM)

Low Cost Push to Make buttons suitable for PTT's for your radio/Intercom

€2.25 each


HQ PTT Button

High Quality PTT button with positive Click when pressed, it has two sets of contacts SPDT, so can make or break when pressed.
comes with black or red plastic button Cap. Style may vary to picture.

€12.50 each


Dash/Panel mounted Fuse Holder

Dashpanel mounted Fuse Holder.
Higher quality but matching appearance for the Xair kit supplied fuseholder.
15mm hole required.

€4.50 each


Resetable Circuit Brakers

Neat little Thermal circuit breakers for mounting on the instrument Panel.
Simple push to reset, and a snap into 16mm panel hole fitting.
Available in 3A, 5A, 10A, 15A & 20A ratings

€6.50 each



VDO Oil Pressure Sender

Replacement VDO Oil Pressure sender as fitted as standard to Jabiru and Rotax 912 engines
Range 0 - 5bar limited stock at this price.

€55.00 each


VDO Oil Temperture Sender

Replacement VDO Oil Temperture sender as fitted as standard to Jabiru and Rotax 912 engines
Range 0 - 150c. limited stock at this price

€12.00 each


VDO Tacho Magnetic pickup

Replacement VDO Tacho sender as fitted as standard to Jabiru Flywheel when using VDO tacho

€29.00 each


Thermo Heat Protective/Electrical Screening tape

This is a very useful tape, which comes from the Model Jet scene and is used to protect surfaces from the heat of the Jet efflux which can be 300-600degC.

It is excellent for fireproofing oil pipes (see pic), petrol pipes and cables.

Also can be used for electrical screening to help cut down interference.

€4.95 for 10M Roll


Starter/Battery cable

16mm² multi stranded cable for connecting from the battery to the engine starter.
Correct rated cable is esential for reliable starting, sold by the metre available in Red or Black.
Cables can also be made up correct length with ends please email for details.

€4.50 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)



Battery cable ends

Heavy Duty Cable ends, for crimping to the 16mm² cable.
Available with either a 5, 6 or 8mm fixing hole.

€3.00 pack 4



12v 30A Relay

12v Relay suitable for remote switching of higher loads.
Std push on spade connections, supplied with protection Diode.

€5.50 each


SkotchLok Connectors

SkotchLok connectors for joining into wires without having to cut them.
Very useful for awkward areas, simple squeeze with pliers to crimp.

€3.00 pack of 10


Piggy Back terminals

Pack of ten piggy back push on terminals.
Another great way of tapping into a circuit without changing existing wiring.

€2.00 pack of 10


Multipole Connector Blocks

Two part plastic connectors available from 2way to 8way
Each set comes with std male and female 6mm/1/4"crimp connectors and matching housings. 8 way shown in picture.

2 way €3.95 per set
3 way €4.50 per set
4 way €4.75 per set
6 way €5.25 per set
8 way €5.50 per set




7 core cable

Mulicoloured 7 core cable suitable for creating own wiring looms
Rated @ 8.75A 1mm²

€2.50 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)


Twin Black/Red Cable

Twin "figure 8" cable suitable for general power hook ups.
6A max rating

€0.50 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)


3ah lead Acid Battery

12v 3ah lead acid battery, ideal for using as a seperate supply for your, radio, intercom & GPS.
Connect it up as shown on the downloads page for aircraft charging.
size 64 x 67 x 134mm 1.2kg

€25.00 each

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