Xair & Falcon Accessories

Some must have extras to fit to your Aircraft.


Items can be bought easily online using If you do not already use this you can sign up to the service and pay by credit card.  Alternativily please email me (details on contacts page) for other payment methods, and best postal rates if buying multiple items.  Please also email for rates if buying outside of Europe until I get different postal rates included in the items.
Some items e.g. Lexan parts/towbars are normally made to order so may take a couple of weeks to delivery.

Prices are in euro.

Control Column Gaiters

Make your aircraft stand out from the rest with these leather look gaiters made for the Xair control column.
Along with adding a bit of style they also prevent any small items from dropping into the floor below.

Available in Red, Blue, and Yellow. supplied as a pair with fittings and Instructions.  Please select colour below




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Gas Door Strut Kit

These are designed for the UK/Eire aluminium framed doors and not kit supplied versions.

Could also be fitted to the UK/Eire fibreglass doors, but I have not fitted any yet to check the attachments or geomentary.



Fresh Air Vents

Air Vents that can be added to the door or the windscreen.

A must for those hot days, and also needed for safety if fitting cabin heat. Opened and Closed by turning a knob.

Available in two sizes 57mm & 79mm to suit standard instrument size hole saws for easy fitting.
Sold as a pair with fittings & instructions.




Windscreen Sealing Kit

Seal up those engine support and nosewheel tubes where they go through the screen.
Kit of CNC cut lexan rings (6) and synthetic rubber sheet with fittings.



Between Seats Closure

This kit helps seal that draft that comes through between the seats, Made from lexan with synthetic rubber slitted seal for the elevator tube.



Xair Aerial

Aerial designed for the Xair, fits under the bolt for the aileron return cable and has correct length cable to reach the dashboard.

Also made to match colours of the aircraft, e.g. red/yellow xair will have a yellow aerial with a red tip, yellow/blue xair will have a blue aerial with a yellow tip etc.

Mention colour of aircraft on Paypal payment or email.



8mm Barb Adapters

Brass adapters specially made to suit the 8mm drain fitting on the xair fuel tanks.
To suit 6mm (1/4") or 8mm (5/16") fuel pipe.

8.00 each
6mm (1/4") Pipe Version
8mm (5/16") Pipe version


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Electric Carb Heat Kit

12v powered Carb Heat kit, that bolts onto the Bing carb body and prevents ice from forming.

Comes as a kit of parts with wiring, relay, switch and indicator LED.
For either Jabiru 2200 or Rotax 912

Jabiru      125.00
Rotax 912 195.00


Light-Weight Tires

Replacement Tires for the Xair, Falcon & Hawk that are .9kg lighter than kit supplied versions.

Tires are 4 ply, size 4.00-8, rated at 220Kg per tire,

Out of Stock


Sail/fabric Repair Tape

50mm wide dacron fabric repair tape. Self adhesive back.

Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White & Grey, sold per 500mm

1.95 per 500mm (18").      Max length one piece is 3M


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