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The DUC FC propeller is the fisrt product of the new company, taking advantage of its decade experience in high-tech carbon products, and very heavy investments have been made to create the production tools required to provide a perfectly reliable product with improved performances.

The standard version is carbon, with the option of painted blades - a shiny black.

This propeller is to be used on motors from 40 to 80 HP, with up to 4.0:1 gearboxes ratio, turning right or left as seen from the blow of the propeller.

Built with the new forged carbon technology (see:The Technic), it directly benefits of the most recent findings in this area. Specifically, an improved strength and an homogeneity impossible to get by traditional means

In comparision to the former products, its very advanced blade profile ensures an increased efficiency.

Three essential caracteristics makes it different from any other product on the market:

The Windspoon:

On any usual propeller, the tip of the blade generates a vortex, therefore an important efficiency loss, exactly where the blade reaches its highest speed.

The DUC FC has a Windspoon, a complex shape allowing to keep an excellent efficiency at the tip of the blade. This generates a better global efficiency, that translates into better performances.

The counter-twist:

Usual propeller bladeshave a constant twist, calculated for the whole of the blade.

The DUC FC has a counter-twist that allows to be mor efficient taking into account the variations of airflows along the whole lenght of the blade, notably reducing vortex effects.

A staggered blade twist axis:

On most propellers, the twist of the blade is only made along its leading edge. Hence a bad repartition of efforts, which induce an untwisting effect under load, and, therefore, a reduction in both efficiency and performances.

The DUC FC has a complex twist axis, developing from the leading edge to within the blade foot. This translates into a far better resistance to efforts and increased life expectation, as well as notably improved efficiency.

A number of other improvements have been made, e.g. a 60 mm blade foot, which tightening is made on an anodized aluminium ring so as to avoid any electrolytic phenomenon even after hundred of hours in use. This is as well a light propeller - therefore cost-efficient - weighting only 2.6 kg / 5.7 lb ready to fly for a 3-bladed propeller.

To choose a DUC FC is making a choice of a high-tech product for which every single detail was designed for performance. The DUC FC ensures a definite increased power, a reduced fuel consumption, and a noise reduction. These three essential factors were part of its goals from the very beginning.

In comparision to other comparable products, generally four-bladed, the DUC FC is as well cheaper both for buying and maintenance.


Blades: 2 or 3 DUC FC forged carbon blades
Hub: 2 1/2 DUC FC half-hubs forged carbon
Hub strut: 1 hub strut, anodized gold
Screws: 1 DUC FC screws kit
Motors: 40 to 80 HP
Gearboxes: Up to 4.0:1
Turning: 3'000 rpm max.
Diameter: 1.72 m / 68"
Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.7 lb 3-bladed
Hub torque: 14 Nm / 123 in.lb
Gearbox-hub torque: 7 Nm / 62 in.lb


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